High Schools

GENERATION MOMS provides high schools in the Chicago-land area with a nationally recognized, research proven college and career readiness program designed to support teen Moms in achieving post-secondary success. In addition, we offer character enrichment workshops to assist adolescent Moms in developing fundamental life skills including: developing a vision and plan for ones’ life, development of one’s character while recognizing and managing emotions, making responsible and healthy decisions, and handling challenging situations constructively and ethically.



Generation Moms’ innovative curriculum teaches adolescent Moms essential life skills in a language and a manner that engages and supports them in navigating the journey of parenthood. Teen Moms enrolled in our three year program will have an opportunity to identify their top emerging strengths/talents, explore career interests, research degree programs and apply to post-secondary institutions. Our college and career readiness program kicks off sophomore year and ends at the completion of senior year. The program is currently structured around the academic school year (Oct – June). Our moral and character development curriculum addresses the following topics:

  • Importance: Do I Matter?
  • Identity: Who Am I?
  • Direction: Where Am I Going?
  • Love: What’s love got to do with it?
  • Parenting: How Do I Do This Parent Thing?
  • Balance: How to do it all?
  • Positive recreation: What to do when I need a break?
  • Perspective/Peer Influence: What’s Most Important?
  • Hope: What Am I Here For?