Generation Moms was founded in 2013 by Jasmine Y. Jenkins, a former teen Mom, due to the alarming need for programs in the Chicago-land area that directly address educational disparities for teen parents. Pregnant at 16, Jasmine found herself putting her life long dreams of attending the London School of Political Science behind her to focus on her new life as a Mother. While London was no longer a viable option, she knew that college was a necessary next step in order to provide a full life for her daughter. With fewer than 2% of teen Moms completing college by age 30, Jasmine was determined not to allow such staggering odds dictate her future success.


After completing her undergraduate and graduate degrees from distinguished universities, Jasmine began searching for her true meaning in life. After mentoring countless teen Moms in her community, Jasmine realized that she found her true calling. “Even as a teen Mom, I’ve been able to achieve great academic and professional success”, she recalls. “However, it has always saddened me that my story was the exception, not the rule. I realized that we could have more success stories if we provided our teen parents with the support services necessary for them to succeed.” And that’s why Generation Moms was created.

The number of organizations – locally and nationally – working to close the teen parent achievement gap for high school completion is overwhelming. However, we begin to see a significant decrease in the number of support services for teen parents looking to go beyond high school and complete their college education.

Fortunately, Generation Moms was created to directly fulfill this critical gap in services for teen parents. Our programs are all designed to grow the two percent of teen Moms who complete college by the age of 30.

We are a group of dedicated and passionate individuals working to ignite teen parents to fulfill their potential in life and build a better future for their families. Please join us in furthering our vision to close the academic and economic achievement gap by mentoring a teen parent or financially investing in their college education.


    GENERATION MOMS mentors are committed to transforming the lives of adolescent Moms in under resourced communities. Our mentors are at the heart of our agency instilling purpose and direction in the lives of young parents who have the odds stacked


    GENERATION MOMS offers effective Character Enrichment Workshops designed to support adolescent parents in developing fundamental life skills including: developing a vision and plan for ones’ life, development of one’s character while recognizing and managing…

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    The story of Generation Moms is one of inspiration, investment and impact. We are working hard to narrow the academic and economic gap among adolescent parents, but we can’t do it without the help and generosity of the community. Please consider making a donation today.