Who we serve


Generation Moms empowers adolescent parents from under resourced communities to achieve college and personal success.

Through community collaborations and partnerships with local high schools and colleges, we seek to break cycles of poverty for teen parents and their families.

The teen parents enrolled in our programs are:

  • High-school juniors and seniors currently enrolled in one of our partner schools or organizations.
  • College students currently enrolled in our college mentoring program.

Due to the number of organizations helping teen parents provide basic necessities for their families, Generation Moms focuses solely on college readiness and college success. Therefore, we begin working with teen parents as early as their junior year in high school to equip them with the necessary skills to succeed in college and beyond.


    GENERATION MOMS mentors are committed to transforming the lives of adolescent Moms in under resourced communities. Our mentors are at the heart of our agency instilling purpose and direction in the lives of young parents who have the odds stacked


    GENERATION MOMS offers effective Character Enrichment Workshops designed to support adolescent parents in developing fundamental life skills including: developing a vision and plan for ones’ life, development of one’s character while recognizing and managing…

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    The story of Generation Moms is one of inspiration, investment and impact. We are working hard to narrow the academic and economic gap among adolescent parents, but we can’t do it without the help and generosity of the community. Please consider making a donation today.